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SEATS Volume Discount Program

The SEATS program is a flexible, customizable and cost-effective way to provide training and development support to virtually everyone in your organization. Our SEATS program recognizes that not everyone needs the same type of training at the same time. With the SEATS program, you can mix and match the specific workshops to the needs and unique individual requirements of your staff. The best part is that your SEATS program can be tailored to meet your training and development budget.

The SEATS program makes learning, training and development affordable for organizations of any size. This program can be customized from as few as 10 seats (reserved spaces) to as many as 80 (reserved spaces).

Some of the SEATS program details include:

  • SEATS are available from as little as 10 seats (discounted prepaid spaces).
  • SEATS are valid for a period of 18 months from activation.
  • Eligible workshops for the SEATS program include:
    • Business skills workshops,
    • Sales skills workshops,
    • Health and wellness workshops,
    • Personal development workshops.
  • Regular reporting on SEATS usage is included in the program.
  • Employee tracking is available through the SEATS program.

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