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Support Services and Programs

Our support services are designed to enhance the personal, professional and organizational results.


We know just taking a course doesn't guarantee success. The key is to immediately apply what was learned, and to have the knowledge supported in a positive manner. Effective coaching is the key to lasting success, whether it's sales coaching, management coaching or overall life coaching. All great achievers have great coaches. For more information ...


In order for an organization to grow or make a positive change, it sometimes becomes necessary to take an objective look at the circumstances surrounding it. Whether it is through an evaluation of a department's performance against expectations or by assessing overall effectiveness, consulting can support your goals. Our consulting services include:

  • Measuring the ROI of your training department and/or current programs
  • Evaluating the quality/performance of your training group or programs
  • Becoming your in-house training partner

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The REWARDS program is exactly that; a rewards (points) program where every time you register for a workshop, your account is credited with a REWARDS point. As you accumulate points, you can choose to convert some or all of them into workshops, coaching and even on-site lunch and learn sessions (at your location). For more information ...

SEATS Program

SEATS are a flexible, customizable and cost effective way to provide training and development support to virtually everyone in your organization. We recognize that not everyone individual on your staff requires the same type of training at the same time and that's why we created SEATS. SEATS allow you to mix and match specific workshops on different dates, this allows you to address the unique individual requirements of each of your staff while reducing your training costs at the same time. For more information ...