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Welcome to MySurvey, the on-line survey building tool that helps you collect fast and accurate business intelligence when you need it.

Having current information allows you to make better business decisions faster and based on real and timely information. This easy to use yet powerful tool enables you to find out your staff's and client's thoughts, feelings and perception about your organization, products or services. Within minutes you can build your survey and invite participants to provide you with feedback.

The MySurvey tool lets you:

  • Create a snap survey with as little as 1 single question,
  • Create a detailed organizational survey where you can filter responses by division, department or group,
  • Set the length of time the survey remains open,
  • Invite specific individuals or be open to anyone who wishes to provide a response,
  • View your results immediately on-line as the survey progresses,
  • Print out your results directly on-line,
  • Choose the types of questions you wish to ask,
  • Provide a preset range of responses for responders to select from,
  • Create as many surveys as often as you like,
  • Select from numerous pre-set surveys to make it even easier,
  • Share your survey results with whomever you wish.

Contact us to register for this affordable tool and start customizing your own Client or Organizational Surveys today. The MySurvey tool is all you will need for your information gathering requirements!