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On-Site Corporate Training

All of our leadership, business skills and professional sales programs may be fully customized for on-site delivery (in either full-day or lunch and learn formats) at your location. This customization allows us to meet your specific organizational goals and training needs. We've successfully designed, delivered and supported numerous on-site training programs for diverse clients and we've received excellent feedback on how our programs impacted results.

Customized On-Site Corporate Training

Our on-site corporate training is a great way to save time and money, while ensuring consistent and standardized learning/training for all your employees. When you decide to bring on-site training to your organization, then call us to take advantage of our six-step program development process. This ensures that your staff are engaged via a high impact yet cost effective training solution.

6 Step Method

Our 6-stage development program creates alignment between your organizational vision/goals, the competencies required to achieve them, and the skill level of each participant. It involves:

  1. Vision: Framing the organizational vision, values, goals and mission into learning goals.
  2. Competency: Defining the learning competencies required for success in your organization.
  3. Analysis: Analyzing the skills gap or development opportunity for each participant.
  4. Methodology: Selecting the delivery methodology that best suits the participants and your organization.
  5. Engagement: Engaging each participant in the learning and development program.
  6. Evaluation: Measuring the results and impact.

Our on-site corporate training goal is to provide your employees with hands-on experiences that directly reflect their work environment. Each program is customized for on-site delivery at no additional cost. This customization allows us to better meet your specific organizational needs and training goals. Our programs can integrate your current business processes, specific case studies, and real world situations.

Our areas of expertise for on-site delivery include:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Professional Sales
  • Organizational Communication
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Self-Development

All of our standard Public Workshops are also available for on-site delivery. Additionally, for any on-demand training requirements, our REWARDS and SEATS corporate discount programs offer a flexible, customizable and cost-effective way to meet your on-demand training needs while meeting your tight budget targets. And for your top talent, our EmPowerMe program offers a way to support talent development and succession planning in your organization.