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Consulting and Evaluation Services

Some organizations spend huge amounts of money on training and end up with little or nothing to show for the expense. Training shouldn't be a cost; it should be an investment. If your training isn't the investment you expected it to be, then let us help.

We can support your organizational training needs and goals in three ways:

Best Practices

Is your training group delivering at best industry and educational standards? A Best Practice Evaluation of your organization looks at all aspects of your training group and programs. It covers instructional design and planning as well as measuring the overall effectiveness at the participant level.

Contact us to find out how your training could be delivering more value.

your training department
Does your training department cost increase every year? Is having your own internal training group financially justified? Is there a better way to invest in training that provides greater returns? Maybe it is time to consider outsourcing your training function. You may be surprised to discover how little it can cost to have customized training specifically designed for your teams.

Contact us to find out how outsourcing your training can support your organization goals.

Assess the ROI of your training programs and department

Do you know what return you are getting on your training investment? What contribution does training make to support your financial bottom line? If you're not sure then it may be worthwhile assessing the ROI (return on investment) of your training (programs and/or group). If training is to be an investment then it should provide you with some measurable return.

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