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The 360-Assessment tool is a flexible, customizable and cost-effective way to find out what skills are present and what skills need to be developed in yourself and/or your staff.

The true value and power of any 360-Assessment comes from what the individual is then enabled to do with this data. Once a 360-Report is generated, the feedback recipient is encouraged to meet with his or her mentor, coach or immediate manager to begin charting a Personal Development Plan (PDP). To make this step easy, we even provide you with an on-line PDP tool that's simple, fast and best of all, free!.

The benefits of our 360-Assessments include:

  • Choose from any of our existing self-assessments on Leadership, Sales, Achievement, Relationships, Job Satisfaction and more (they are all free to use),
  • Design your own - you can choose from over 130 different competencies to create a customized version for your organization,
  • Invite up to 11 raters including peers, managers, executive management, customers, suppliers and more,
  • Complete confidentiality, only you with your secure password have access to your results,
  • A complete personalized 360-Report that gives you feedback in multiple dimensions, specific development options, suggestions and even recommendations for improvement,
  • An anonymous consolidated organizational report that provides an overview of the current skills of the people within your management group.

A 360-Assessment can assist your organization by ensuring that:

  • Training is synchronized with your organization’s vision and goals,
  • Investments in training have a clear focus and direction,
  • Appropriate methods for addressing skills gaps are identified,
  • Training initiatives are prioritized based on specific needs,
  • Training is systematic and specific yet flexible enough to cope with ad hoc requests,
  • The benefits of training can be measured against the cost,
  • The contribution of training to organizational growth and success is recognized.

The 360-Assessments are available for:

  • Leadership and Management
    • The 360-Leadership Assessment enables your staff to develop their level of leadership effectiveness. This assessment tool provides key insight into the essential skills and behaviours for leadership success as it looks at 21 core management and leadership competencies, including: Communication, Leading Others, Problem Solving, Adaptability, Personal Development and others.
  • Professional Sales
    • The 360-Sales Assessment provides feedback on the top 21 competencies essential for sales success. This feedback tool can be used to build an effective professional sales force through core sales competencies such as; Prospecting Ability, Intrinsic Desire, Tenacity, Goal Setting, Self-Management, Communication Skill, Assertiveness, Competitiveness, Question/Probing Skill, Consultative Selling, Solution Selling and Results Orientation.

The 360-Assessment is a powerful support tool when seeking to improve organizational and/or individual performance.  The essential starting point for any performance improvement process is first to have a clear understanding of the performance level required as well as the performance level currently attained.

Contact us today to find out how you can customize your own 360-Assessment to suit your learning, training/development and budget needs.