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Didi Vergados

Didi is a corporate coach and trainer in the field of Emotional Health and Management. She draws her skills and experience from the latest research in Positive Psychology, Psychoneuroimmunology (Mind Body Health) and Emotional Management. Didi presents to a wide variety of professional groups and organizations in assisting their employees in the art of effective communication through proper management of emotional health. This results in a happier work place and allows employees to be both more efficient and productive in their given roles in the work place.

Her goals is to help individuals who truly desire to remove the obstacles that stand in their way of becoming happy, fulfilled, and passionate about every aspect of a vibrant and healthy lifestyle.

Didi's experience in training includes communication and health. Her background integrates various therapeutic modalities such as Hypnosis, Indigenous healing practices, and a Masters Health Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming.