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SCMAO (formerly OIPMAC) Accredited Continuing Education

The following workshops may qualify for the SCMAO Maintenance of Certification Program, under the Continuing Education category (Code: CE-2). Upon successful completion of any program listed, the participant will be provided with a certificate of attendance indicating:

  • His or her name,
  • The seminar or workshop name,
  • The program date,
  • The facilitator and organization,
  • The category and the hours of credit.

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Logo Qualfying Workshops and Seminars
C.P.P. Maintenance Program
Credits Name of Workshop or Seminar for Qualifying Credit
1-day 5 Credits Body Language - Reading People
1-day 5 Credits Coaching and Feedback for Performance
1-day 5 Credits Consultative Selling - Call Strategies
1-day 5 Credits Creativity, Innovation, Continuous Improvement
1-day 5 Credits Customer Service Excellence
1-day 5 Credits Influence Motivation and Persuasion
1-day 5 Credits Integrated Executive Selling
1-day 5 Credits Interpersonal Business Communication
1-day 5 Credits Leadership for Managers
1-day 5 Credits Managing Change Today
1-day 5 Credits Managing Conflict Today
1-day 5 Credits Managing Difficult People
1-day 5 Credits Negotiation Fundamentals
2-day 10 Credits Power Presentation Skills
1-day 5 Credits Problem-Solving and Decision Making
1-day 5 Credits Project Management Fundamentals
1-day 5 Credits Prospecting for New Business
1-day 5 Credits SMARTER Goal Setting
1-day 5 Credits Supervisory Leadership Skills
1-day 5 Credits Supportive Feedback for Managing Performance
1-day 5 Credits Teamwork, Collaboration and Engagement
1-day 5 Credits Time Management Today
All listed workshops are co-sponsor by Seneca College, Faculty of Continuing Education and Training

Please be advised that for SCMAO spot check purposes, all continuing education certificates must be retained by you in order to indicate compliance with the C.P.P. Maintenance Program. For any questions on this requirement please contact SCMAO directly.